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Hey Anders,

glad the previous recommendations helped! Just to let you know – version 3.4 of Ikebana is now available on ThemeForest. Regarding your remark on the semi-transparent overlays on entire tiles – you can either implement this by customizing the theme, i.e. adding an extra div element inside the tiles by modifying the “content.php” and “content-[format].php” files (a total of 7 files); or simply creating images with overlays prior to uploading them into WordPress.

I’ll cover the other questions below:

1). The portfolio layout in Ikebana has been intended for use on pages which showcase the projects, which is why it displays all project items. What you can do is use the project tag archive pages to display projects that have been assigned a specific tag; the structure of the URL of such pages is “[tag-name]”. You can also check them out by visiting the “Portfolio -> Tags” admin menu section, hovering over any of the tags, and clicking on “View” in the hover options.

2). Currently Ikebana supports lightboxes for images (in the “image” project format) – in order to tell some of the projects to open their entire content in a lightbox, certain modifications will need to be done to the code, probably adding some js which creates an overlay with an iframe of the link target when the user clicks on a tile.

3). At the moment the images are displayed without captions in the lightbox, yet I will add this feature to the backlog for short-term improvements in the theme. Thanks!

4). The theme transitions between pages using php, not javascript (i.e. reloading form the server, like other native WP pages), so the behavour with fluid reordering outside of the portfolio page is not feasible, unfortunately. The javascript filter with non-reloading transitions works on the portfolio page layout, and is only intended for the Isotope-powered tiled layout, which it is a part of; on other pages the icon menu leads to portfolio tag archive pages, which are identical to respective filtered portfolio views – i.e. outside the portfolio page, the icon menu no longer behaves as a pure filter, rather as a more conventional menu. The 2×1 tiles with tag information on tag archive pages are there to tell the user where she’s landed :) you can remove the tags though, by deleting lines 15-23 in the “taxonomy-tagportfolio.php” theme file (located in the theme root), preferably via a child theme.

Andrii / Satori Studio