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Thanks a bunch Andrii!

Your logo fix did the trick, really appreciate that! In regards to the color overlay, it seems I misunderstood the intended functionality; I was hoping to have a semi-transparent color overlay on the entire portfolio object (namely the ones that are clickable), regardless of the caption text, but I now see that it is working as designed.

Also happy to hear about the forthcoming update that will introduce the capability to have “_self” in any portfolio object links, awesome! I removed the last question in the message above as I figured it out on my own, but thanks anyway for clearing it up.

Now, as I’m continuing to develop the site I’ve run in to a few more questions:

1) I’m planning to have at least 3-4 pages in addition to the front page with various functions such as contact page, team page, etc. Ideally, I’d like to use the portfolio layout as much as possible for these pages, and I think the filter function could potentially do this. The issue seems to be that the front page always includes all of the portfolio objects by default, and if an object is not visible when a user clicks on a filter, that object will not show up when the filter is active either. I can’t find a way so that it only displays one filter by default, and so all of the objects within a specific filter – even if not displayed on the front page – will display. Is there a way?

2) For a few portfolio objects that are set as “standard”, I’d like for them to open in a lightbox/color overlay on top of the main page when users click on them. For example, I want to have a “Book a table” box that upon clicking brings up a booking widget without taking the user to a separate page, as I feel that would worsen the UX. Is this possible?

3) When clicking on a portfolio image object, is it possible to include any text in the lightbox that pops up?

4) The filtering via the icon menu works great when first entering the website, but once the user has opened a link to a regular page (example from the demo:, the icon menu behaves a bit different. From that moment on, the links in the icon menu are formatted like this: When clicking on one of those links, it produces a new box with the title of the filter (as seen here: that looks out of place. I understand that the user has to be “taken in” to the portfolio layout again, but once in there it seems that it should behave normally again with fluid motions when clicking on the icon menu and no extra title boxes. Instead, all of the links are still the same and the boxes I mentioned always display. I haven’t figured out how to remove this box as well as go back to the “correct” portfolio behavior when changing filters, is it possible?

Thanks again for an awesome theme and your great support!