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Hey Christoph,

since the URL you’ve linked to is not a “project” post-type nor a custom post type in general, but a new page template, you should add a corresponding declaration for the #content element to stretch to 100% of width – to do this, you can add the new page layout to the declaration on line 537 of the theme’s “style.css” file, so it looks like this in total:

.page-template-page_full-width-php #content, 
.page-template-page_full-width-no-header-php #content, 
.page-template-page_portfolio-four-column-php #content, 
.page-template-page_portfolio-three-column-php #content, 
.page-template-page_portfolio-two-column-php #content, 
.page-template-page_portfolio-one-column-php #content,
.page-template-single-workshops-php #content  {
  width: 100%;
  padding: 0;

Andrii / Satori Studio