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Hey Andrii,
Thank you for the help

I have few more questions now that I’m done with my finals.
1. How to make main menu font bold? I tried menu item font and wrote the
2. how to increase the size of the little social icon at the top?
3. Arranging the tiles in the main page? I’m trying to get them in a specific order. Also I want to have one stick to the top at all times. I tried to choose page order as a way to organize them, and gave some tiles large numbers in the attribute order insider projects, hoping they would go down, but they won’t. Any suggestions?
4. Using the vertical icon menu requires that I have their content all in that front page, right?
5. How do I make the whole thing wider?
6. How to get rid of the search bar?
7. Do I need to add a new page to have content and description of each project once clicked? And how do I organize content inside the project page?
I tried to also import all the content but nothing really happened inside the page.

Thank you for the help