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Hi Andrii,

thank you so much for your extended reply. I have managed to include a YouTube clip, which indeed works different than I did in other themes. Non-clickable tiles by choosing Aside, also works like a charm. I think the difference in appearence has somehow to do with the size in which Chrome and IE display. I did refresh the cache, also to view my changes on the webpage. I don’t know how to include a screenshot, so I am sorry :-).

Somehow I am not able to change the link of the green tile. I did include an image, so that’s fine, but it keeps sending me to the projectpage when clicking it. When I put the link to the homepage into the content box, it shows it as a text on the project page. It must be simple, but I am doing it wrong.

I am sure there will be more questions as I am moving on. I am reading the manual too, because I do not want to bother you with question I can find the answer to. It was my enthausiasm to start quickly.

Kind regards!