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Hey Tim,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

Please find my comments below, I’ve preserved the numbering:

1). This is how the website looks in Chrome on my machine: screenshot; it looks exactly the same in IE. Could you please point me to the discrepancy? In case your Chrome does not display the website quite like this, please try clearing your browser’s cache and viewing the website again. If this does not help, please make a screenshot of your website as rendered by your instance of Chrome, and let me know which version of the browser you are using (you can find version information by clicking the “About Google Chrome” link in the main menu of the browser).

2). The green logo tile from the demo is covered in the FAQ section of the theme manual (page 15), but I think it’s quite annoying to just be referred to a document, here’s an excerpt for your convenience: the green “Ikebana” tile in the theme demo is a “link”-format project with a thumbnail (featured image) and link URL pointing to the website front page. Please create a new project, give it a “link” format and any title that is convenient for you, and paste the link to your website’s front page into the content area. Then upload the image you’d like to appear on the tile via the “Featured image” settings box, in the bottom-left part of the edit mode window. You can find more information about the formats in the relevant section of this manual (pages 8-9). Note that in order for it to stay in front of all other project in the grid, you’d need to declare it as “sticky” in the “Sticky (Always First)“ meta box while in the project editor mode.

3). In order to create a non-clickable text tile, please give it an “aside” format. By the way, in case you add a featured image, the tile will become a non-clickable image.

4). There’s a specialized project and post format for displaying videos in Ikebana – when you choose the “video” format and add a direct link to a YouTube or Vimeo video in the content of the project, the theme will automatically create a tile with a video screenshot for the masonry page. Again, more information is available in the “Post and Project Formats” section of the manual (pages 8-9).

Should you still have difficulties with the above issues, or have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
Have a great Friday eve!

Andrii / Satori Studio