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Hi Andrii,

Yes, the buttons are now showing up in my menu bar. But there is still a problem:
Even though I have filled in just the whole URL for the FB page and LinkedIn account, for some reason those buttons lead the client to a 404 error message within in the site. For example, instead of leading to, the FB button redirects to and produces an error message. This happens with LinkedIn also, but not with Google + or with Twitter…

To fix the issue of the customizing window being cut off, I had to move my browser window all the way to the right of my screen and then stretch it back to the left side. This allowed more of the left side of the customizing window to be visible. It was a bit clunky of a fix, but it worked fine. I then opened a new window to check that it was showing up correctly on the front end.

Can you help me fix the problem with the redirects?

Thanks as always :-),