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Hey Ian,

I’ve prepared a child theme for you, as well as an update to the Kabuki theme fixing a couple of bugs that were found along the way; please follow there steps to install the child theme:

1). If you’re using the background slider feature, go to the “Appearance -> Background Slider” and note (or make screenshots of) the settings you have in each of the tabs – there is a small probability that some of them may get nullified during the next step, so a backup is recommended.

2). Download the file I’ve sent to you by email, unzip it, and upload the containing “Kabuki” as a whole into the following directory inside your WordPress installation: /wp-content/themes/ using an FTP client or your hosting provider’s file manager – overwriting the existing files when prompted. Effectively, this step should overwrite your existing /wp-content/themes/Kabuki/ directory contents with the new ones.

3). Download the file I’ve sent you. Then go to “Appearance -> Themes” admin section and click on “Add New”, and then “Upload theme”. Upload the archive and activate the new child theme. The child already contains a stylesheet (style.css) with a declaration for the menu font which you can play with; you can also add your own CSS code into that file.

4). Go back to “Appearance -> Background Slider” and make sure your settings are intact; if they’re not, restore them using the notes taken in step 1.

Should you encounter issues on any of these steps, do not hesitate to contact me!

Andrii / Satori Studio