Who Is Hosting This?

What is a Hosting Detector and how is it useful?
Our tool can be helpful when you need to identify the hosting provider of a particular website - if might be a site you particulartly trust and want to emulate, or a competitor's page - in any case, the Hosting Detector will help you determine
The hosting cannot be detected. What do I do?
Darn! This can happen for various reasons, including specific measures undertaken by the scanned website. In any case, it won't hurt to drop us a line using our contact form, including the URL of the page you're trying to scan: we will take a stab at it using other tools and get back to you with a result if it's successful!
What is a hosting provider in the first place?
In brief, a hosting is a company which offers specialized computers (called servers) to store and serve your website's files. To find out more about this topic, including types of hosting and some advice on choosing a suitable one, check out our dedicated guide in the Satori Webmaster Academy.
Hosting scan results will magically materialize here

Version History

Ver 2.0
Switched to direct queries of all regional IP databases
Ver 1.3
Added a notice for known CDN/reverse proxy providers
Fixed detection of domains managed by UK's Nominet
Added a list of the most frequently scanned hosts
Ver 1.2
Added details about the scanned website's domain
Fixed detection errors related to certain types of hosts
Ver 1.1
Added more information about the server configuration
Improved result formatting for better readability
Ver 1.0
Initial release