WordPress Theme Detector

What is a Theme Detector and how do I use it?
Ever wondered which WP theme is used to create that cool-looking website? Well, now there's an answer: with our Theme Detector, you can scan any web page in just one click and automatically extract active theme information. Input the URL of the website you'd like to scan into the text field above and click on the grey "What WordPress theme is that?" button. The scan results will appear shortly in the section on the right (bottom if you're browsing on a smartphone). Magic!
The theme cannot be detected. What do I do?
Shoot! This might mean one of three things: 1. the theme is heavily modified, 2. the website uses a custom-built stylesheet or 3. the website doesn't use WordPress at all. In any case, you can always drop us a line via our contact form and prodive the URL you're trying to scan: we'll be happy to help out and improve the Detector in the process!
I want to become an affiliate of Theme Detector.
Sure thing! Tell your audience about our Theme Detector by sharing a link to this page - you can include your affiliate IDs into the link URL and they will automatically be appended to all scanned theme information. We currently support the following premium theme providers: ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, MyThemeShop, TemplateMonster. Your custom referral link will look like this: https://satoristudio.net/what-wordpress-theme/?tf=[1]&et=[2]&mt=[3]&tm=[4] where [1] is your Envato affiliate ID (from your Impact Radius account), e.g. satoridesign, [2] is your Elegant Themes affiliate ID, e.g. 41094, [3] is your MyThemeShop affiliate ID, e.g. satori437, and [4] is your TemplateMonster affiliate login, e.g. satoristudio. You can use any number of the above parameters, depending on which affiliate programs you're involved with; for example, your custom link might look like this: https://satoristudio.net/what-wordpress-theme/?tf=satoridesign&mt=satoristudio. Sales from users referred with your custom Theme Detector link will automatically be credited to your respective affiliate accounts. In case of further questions don't hesitate to contact us!
Theme scan results will magically appear here

Version History

Ver 1.6
Expanded range of minify plugins that can be detected
Ver 1.5
Further improved detection of cached and minifies themes
Added a list of the most popular themes to Detector page
Ver 1.4
Added algorithms to scan files generated by BWP Minify plugin
Ver 1.3
Reduced false positives for automatic ThemeForest search
Introduced a better "cleansing" mechanism for theme names
Ver 1.2
Further improved theme stylesheet file detection algorithms
Also searching in theme subfolders now
Ver 1.1
Improved theme stylesheet file detection algorithms
Added custom message when a website is not accessible
Ver 1.0
Initial release