Introducing —
The First Reactive WordPress Theme

Shogun is the first WP theme that reacts to what visitors do on
your website. You can set up conditions which, when satisfied,
will cause a reaction, e.g. a customizable overlay.

Why Reactive?

redarrowRight calls to action

The Shogun theme allows displaying action-oriented messages at the right time to the right visitors.

Higher engagement

Since the messages are tailored to their behaviour and intentions, visitors are more likely to take action.

redarrow_leftalignHigher website value

A higher proportion of visitors buying, reposting, liking, etc, helps you reach your goals better.

How Does It Work?

As the website admin you can create reactive rules, each consisting of a trigger
and a reaction. The reactions are messages sourced from any page of the website,
displayed either as an overlay, or as a new section in the header or footer of the website.
The current choice of triggers is listed below:

  • time on page: user stays on a specific page for a certain number of seconds
  • returning visits: user returns to the website for the second or third time
  • about to leave: user moves the cursor away to the browser’s top area
  • visit sequence: user visits page X after visiting page Y of the website
  • logged in: the current visitor is registered as a user and is logged in
  • mouse movements: user enters or leaves a page element with mouse

Want a Demonstration?

— hover with the mouse over the website’s footer area, and observe an example of a pre-footer reactive message area appear just above the footer.

— scroll back to the header and move the mouse over the plus sign in the top right corner of the website to see the pre-header top reactive message example.

— go to the “Features” page using the top menu, then return here by clicking on the “Reactive” menu item, and see an example of the reactive overlay appear.